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Five Ways to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Winter Blues

More than 2 million peoplei in the UK suffer from the ‘winter blues’ and admit to feeling more miserable in January than they do any other month.ii

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The new year is the time for resolutions and new beginnings, but for many people, January in particular brings about a lull in positivity… The magic of Christmas is over, your bank balance is at an all-time low – and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s cold, dark and miserable outside.

During this period, it’s important for individuals to acknowledge the difficulties they may be facing and to recognise when they are suffering from the winter blues. Common signs could include difficulty concentrating, interrupted sleep, irritability, or low energy.iii

Most of the time, the winter blues are just that – winter blues - and you’ll find that your mood readjusts as your routine becomes re-established. But for those struggling to bounce back, here are a few top tips to help boost your mood and beat those winter blues.


  • Get moving: When you’re running low on energy, probably the last thing you want to do is venture out into the cold, but a healthy dose of morning exercise can release a welcome burst of feelgood endorphins.iv Whether it’s a brisk walk around the block, or a light jog, getting outside in the fresh air not only clears the airways, but a daily dose of Vitamin D could help support the body’s natural mood regulating system.v


  • Give yourself a health boost: Christmas is always a time of overindulgence, and all that food can leave you feeling lethargic and low on energy. We're not talking about extreme "fad" dieting - which rarely works - but a committed change in your everyday diet to include more fruit, veg and healthier options will help boost your mood and


  • Get social: Countless studies have linked psychological well-being to social interactionsvii, but as purse strings recover from the barrage of spending over Christmas, socialising can often drop off the agenda in January. Buck the trend: organise social dates, join a club or become a volunteer. These need not cost money but can-do wonders for lifting your mood and will help you find an important work-life balance.


  • Prioritise sleep: Sleep is our body’s natural healing process and it’s a powerful tool to help improve our well-being, both physically and mentally.viii However, when we’re stressed, achieving a good night’s sleep can feel unachievable. Sticking to a sleep schedule, creating a restful environment or reducing your screen time in the evening are all helpful ways to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep.


  • Manage Stress: Whether its uncertainty about our health, future, or finances, it’s important to recognise what is causing you to feel stressed, as well as solutions and strategies to help manage it. Put time aside to examine your current situation and think about how you really feel, perhaps talking it through with someone you trust. Always try to be kind to yourself and get support with how you are feeling if you think you might need it.


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25th January 2024

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